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The Mandalorians had great power in 0A.T.C. and it was all thanks to Mandalore the Hunter(Candro Ordo).They first served the Sith Empire but claimed their independence and became the Mandalorian Empire in 5A.T.C. But it secretly served Darth Widow and made their headquaters on Duxn,Forest moon of Onderan,and have many ranks,droids,and ships.


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Candro Ordo(Mandalore the Hunter):The leader of the Mandalorian Empire and is the most skilled of the mandalorians.

Malisa Ordo:Second-in-command and wife to Candro Ordo and leader of the sniper/assualt division.Edit


Zav Shogun:A part of Clan Shogun and leader of the science division and has a reserch station over Belvisis.Edit


Zav:Shogun of clan Shogun

"Frost":Maw "Frost" Kerest was a mandalorian of Kerest. He was raised by the Kerestians but true to his roots, he left, but never forgot, Kerest. He found the empire who welcomed him and he became the leader of the Snow Assault Force.Edit


"Frost", leader of the Snow assault Force.

Types of soldiersEdit

Snow Assault Trooper:They are the soldiers of the Snow Assualt Force, have white armor, and they have duel Mandalorian Rippers and two Vibroswords.Edit

Mandalorian Scout/Sniper:They have green armor and wield sniper rifles.Edit

Mandalorian Private/Guard:The lowest rank of the empire and the guards are security of mandalorian buildings, strategic things, exc. Guards have Mandalorian Heavy Pistols and privates have Mandalorian Blaster Rifles and they have blue armor and Training Sabers.Edit

Mandalorian Major:The second highest rank in the normal system. They have red armor, Mandalorian Assualt Rifles and Vibroswords. Edit

MandalorianCommander:The highest rank in the normal System. They have gold armor, Mandalorian Heavy Blaster Rifles, and two Vibroswords.Edit

Mandalorian Honor Guard:The best guards in the empire. They have black armor and Vibrostaffs.Edit


Left to Right:Honor Guard, Commander, Sniper/Scout, Major, Private/Guard.


Mandalorian Assualt Droid:They look like Tythonian droids and have Vibroswords.Edit


Assualt droid


Battle Droid

Mandalorian Battle Droid:They look like Republic droids and uses an assualt cannon.Edit


Davaab Starfghter:The Davaab is the Starfighter and bomber of the empire.Edit



Neo-Crusader Q-Carriers:This ship was used a transport infantry on to the battlefield.Edit

180px-Q-Carrier predecessor

A Q-carrier

Crusader-Class Corvette:The corvette/blockcade runner of the empire and had 12 laser cannons.Edit



Shaadlar-type Troopship:A ship

A Shadlar

also used to transport infantry on to the battlefield. However, the Empire also used them for a corvrette type ship to.

Jehavey'ir-type assault ship

A Jehavey'ir on patrol

avey'ir-type Assault Ship:A ship used by the Neo-crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars.

500px-Mandalorian battleship Great War

2 Cruiser prepared for battle


Mandalorian Cruiser:These ships were Mandalorian ships during the Great Galactic war, Some were even in the Blockade of the Hydian Way.Edit

Mandalorian Warship:The Capital Ships of the Empire. The First Warship was modified to withstand battle for 30 hours with it's shield and laser defenses.Edit


The First Warship