A wise master who raised Jacoby. Sadly, when Jacoby was a young adult and fighting in the war, Kin Dada got very ill. He was ill for a long time, and did not die until he gave Jacoby the holcron. It is unkown if Kin was only still alive because of the holocron, but it is very likely.


As a child Kenny (Later, Kin) Dada was very different. As a young trainee in the jedi council, other younglings excluded and bullied him. But, he was the only young one in that class to continue on after graduation. (In which none others graduated.) He was trained from master to master, because he did mess around alot and wasn't wanted as an apprentice, but he still got some of the best grades ever recorded in the jedi council. Eventually, he became one of the members of the jedi council, the only at the time to be a consular. However, when he was around 30, he was visiting his home planet, Dantus, and one of the other jedi beat him up and scared him off, and for the rest of his life Kenny lived in Dantus Forest. He found a baby there one day, who he promptly named Jacobiah and raised. Jacobiah was around 3 when he came up with the nickname Jacoby, and Kin liked it much more then Jacobiah. At around age 5, Kin thought the youngling needed a friend, or atleast to see other people, so he brought little Jacoby to the city, where Jacoby became fond of a girl name Avarda.

Kin Dada