This was a very large clan of Sangheili,Unggoy,Huragok,and Lekgolo (Elites,Grunts,Engineers,and Hunters),that

The symbol of the Jan-Juan clan

were from a galaxy that was at war.They broke off from there forces and wondered space for 3 years.Then they were found by the Republic in the Outer Rim Terrortores.They were greeted with respect because the ones tha found them,was the Delta Legion.They happly excepted them to the Republic and fought with the Delta Legion with honor


160px-Reach The Battle Begins -Elite

Sun Jan-Juan and his second oldest son, Zel Jan-Juan.

Sun Jan-Juan:Father and creator of the Jan-Juan Clan,Sun has 6 sons,1 daughter,and 1 daughter-in-a-half. Edit


Phil before he met Cray

Phil Jan-Juan:The oldest son of Sun,he is leader of the Jan army and great friends with Cray and HK-51.Edit

150px-Reach-Field Marshall face closeup

Zel in action

Zel Jan-Juan:Leader of the Zealot cult and the second son of sun, great friends with his brother, Phil, and was a skilled worrior like the rest of the family. Edit

250px-HReach - Ultra Sangheili

Ult,Head of Defence.

Ult Jan-Juan:Leader of the defence and third son of Sun, he was injured by a sith but was healed by Ajax and then became good friends. Edit

Bob Jan-Juan:Lead ranger and fourth son of Sun, he is armed with a a needle rifle and has gold armour. Edit


Bob,lead ranger



300px-HReach - SpecOps Sangheili

Spec, the assassin

Spec Jan-Juan:Commander of Special Operations and the fifth son of Sun, he is in the shadow, a skilled assassin, and a deadly strike. Edit


Hera Jan-Juan:The leader of Heretic Unit and is the daughter of Sun,she wields a shotgun and her brother,Min,has a magnum for his secondary weapon. Edit

185px-Reach 10114245 Medium2

Hera(far left) and her brother,Min.

Office Jan-Juan:The Wife of Phil and the half daughter of Sun,She has the same armour as Hera and wields a plasma repeater.Edit

150px-Sangheili Major

Office,wife of Phil

Min Jan-Juan:The SgMj of the army and the last son of Sun,he has the armor of the minor and wields both a plasma rifle and magnum.Edit

300px-Reach elite minor render

Min, the final son


Cantrust:An engineer that is with the family on family missions and during enemy invasions on the Supercarrier.Edit

151px-Reach 9022650 Medium

Cantrust,shielder of the family

Meg:A boy/colbat Hunter that has the model of reach hunter.
Reach 16431768 Medium

Meg the hunter


Mega:A girl/gold Hunter that has the model of a 3 model. Edit

150px-Gold Hunter

Mega the girl hunter

151px-Reach 2453868 Medium

Grunta of the Grunts

Grunta:Leader of the Grunt clan and asists the family members along with the hunters,Cantrust,and the top grunts.And his weapon is a plasma rifle.Edit

Opst:Captain of the Spec ops and second in command of the Grunts. Edit

284px-Reach 1861 Medium

Opst with the plasma luncher

Hev:The leader of the Heavy Specialist Unit of the Grunts and army,and the weapon of choice is the Fuel Rod Gun. Edit

300px-HReach - Heavy Unggoy


151px-Grunt Major

Maj ready to kill.

Maj:The captain of the Grunts and the weapon is a needler and he commands 10 minors.Edit

Mint:The GySg of the Grunts and army and has a plasma pistol. Edit

200px-HReach - Unggoy

GySg Mint.


They have a 9 ship fleet named The Fleet of Reveiled Truth.




A minor.

Minors: The lowest rank of the Elites and wield plasma rifles. Edit

Major: The next rank in there ranking system,they wield needlers.Edit


A major.

Ultra:The highest rank in the regular ranks and are the defenders of the ships,AKA the soilders of Ult and wield Beam rifles.Edit


A ultra

Rangers:The airborn troopers and the soilders of Bob and wield Dual plasma rifles.Edit


a ranger.

470px-Spec-Ops Elites

Specops being deployed.

SpecOps:The soilders of Spec they wield carbinesEdit

Honor Guard:The protectors of the Family,they wield both Energy staves and swords.Edit

300px-Sangheili HG 01

a Honor Guard

Zealot:They are part of the cult and captins of the other ships,they also wield energy swords.Edit


A zealot.

300px-Sangheili Councilor 01

a counciler.

Counciler:The counciler is a member of a 100 member council and wield plasma pistol.Edit


Minor:The Lowest rank of the H.E. and wield carbines.Edit



200px-Heretic Elite


Major:The second rank system of the HE,wield sentinal beams.Edit

Here Jan-Juan or Heratic Leader:leader of the Heretics(his section) wears modified ranger armor and wield Dual plasma rifles and is the brother of Sun Jan-Juan.Edit


Here in action.

Heratic specialist:Heratics that wield human weapons.Edit

185px-Reach 17214888 Medium



Minor:The lowest rank of the Grunts and wield Plasma pistols.Edit


a GM.


a major

Majors:The next rank in the grunts,wield needlers.Edit

Heavy:The soilders part of Hev's special group and wield both fuel rod guns and plasma pistols and they can man trurets.Edit

200px-1218481089 Heavygrunt

a heavy maning a truret.

138px-1213589551 300px-BlackNeedlerGrunt3

a specops

Specops:The soilders of Opst and Spec,they wield plasma rifles.Edit

Ultra:Not really a rank but are the elite guard of the grunts and serve under Grunta and Ult and wield needlers and plasma rifles.Edit

150px-H2 Ultra Grunt

a ultra.

Heratic:The Grunts of the heratics and are equivalent to a major and wield needlers and fuel rod guns.Edit

185px-Heretic grunts

a HG


There is only on rank for the hunter.Edit


a hunter.



Ghost:The main vehicle of the clan.Edit

300px-Halo Reach - Ghost

Revenant:The vehicle that is part ghost(boost) and part wraith(fire).Edit

Wraith:The tank of the clan.Edit

Scarab:The super tank of the clan and troop transport,fires a beam of green plasma.Edit

Spirit or Heratic Dropship:The dropship of the Heratics they have one turret that shoot explosives plasma bolts.Edit

Phantom:The main dropships of the clan and can hook vehicles on its grav. lift.Edit

Banshee:The main aircraft of the clan.Edit


Seraph:The fighter and bomber of the clan.Edit

Space Banshee:The Fighter-Class Intercepter that assist the Seraph in assaults and defences.Edit

Corvette:Their are two Corvettes in the fleet that are in the back of the fleet called the Zealot and Grav.Edit

Destroyer:There are Two destoryers known as the Glasser and Destruction in front of the Zealot and Grav.Edit

CCS-class battlecrusier:The main frigetes of the ship that are called the Corusaunt and the Dromaund Kass.Edit

Assault Carrier:The head of the fleet(besides the supercarrier) and commands the rest of the fleet but get there orders from the Super Carrier,they are called the Holy Protecter and the Heratics.Edit

Super Carrier:The head of the entire fleet of Reviled Truth and flagship of Sun Jan-Juan(Heratics is the Flagship of Here Jan-Juan)and is called the Reviled Truth.Edit