Jacoby Heidu
Leader of the Delta Legion




Jedi Knight

Advanced Class

Jedi Guardian



Current Location



Seemer Omjina



Other Companions

Avarda, Syrnda Mahk, Kin Dada (deceased), sometimes (But rarely) Matt Zeeno

Basic InfoEdit

Jacoby Heidu was one of the pilots in the Yiben War. After saving Dantus from the hostile species, he recieved a holocron that allowed him to live forever. He could be killed, but couldn't die of natural causes. Jacoby became the
New and real Jacoby

Jacoby Heidu, our leader.

leader of the Delta Legion, by finding ancient ruins left by James Deltaworth, and he then trained to become a jedi on Taris.

(This is roleplay, in actuallity I have appointed Forgives as leader, which wouldn't make sense storywise, so I am keeping it this way in RP.)


Blue or Purple

Retriever Edit

Jacoby's Ship, the Retriever, was what he used to pilot in the Yiben War. As a gift, he was given the ship, along with it's Gonk Droid, CIT12. CIT12 became somewhat a butler, and Jacoby wouldn't be caught dead using a different ship.


Jacoby was orphaned, and was raised by an old, wise jedi named Kin Dada. He lived with Master Dada in the ruins of Dantus Forest. Jacoby found comfort with his best friend, Avarda.

The WarEdit

In the Yiben War, Jacoby's brother, Ertis, was left for dead by Jacoby because he couldn't bear to look at what he thought was his dead brother, but was actually his alive, scarred brother. They were reunited later. For more info, look at The Legacy of Ertis. (That page was created by Ertis. If any info is wrong comparing to my story, please tell him.)

The Delta Legion RuinsEdit

Jacoby discovered ancient ruins left behind by James Deltaworth immediatly after the war was over. The ruins had the story of James Deltaworth on the walls. Then, Seer Huthia came in. Jacoby was given a holocron that allowed him to live forever, and his future was displayed in the ruins. Jacoby refused to read them, for that would get rid of the only thing he had in life after he got the holocron: suprise. After leaving, he went back home with Avarda. He asked Avarda if she wanted to join the Delta Legion, and she did. So, Avarda became a Smuggler. Shortly after moving to Taris, Jacoby met a Cathar Consular named Syrnda Mahk. She joined him in his adventures.


Jacoby's apprentice is Seemer Ominja. He is very proud of his apprentice.


The RaidEdit

A roleplay in which the Jedi Order has been defeated.

Code RedEdit

Created by JacobyEdit

A roleplay in which Jacoby is missing.