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-Due to my computer being on the fritz at the moment i can't play the old republic, the only way i'm typing this is from my sister-in-laws ipad but i am working on fixing the problem and i should be back in the game in a few weeks, I'll message Forgives when my computer is up and running-Deadspacelover now working as Timemaster9861


CRAY, I MUST FIND YOU GUYS x_x Give me a date and time so I may reunite with my lost friends!                           - CadeEdit

:L Wish I could still view the forums from back in the day. Crazy times. -Forgives

^_^ FORGIVES! Good to hear from ya!

Agreed-Craymero :) Also i got 2 new members and someone tell me when they get on i miss u guys :( 

Good to know you guys are still all together! Carth told me about the issues that've been surfacing over the years :/ 

Craymero-Guys get on old republic now! Galactic Stronghold is on and it is awesome, we can have our own flagship and invade planets!

Cray, what server? -Cade

The Ebon Hawk -Craymero

We need to set up a time to meet; I can't find you for the life of me...

- Cade

Sorry, been doing other stuff, on the 27th of september, i will be on, I promise.- Cray

Had work the 27th; October 10th? (that way, we both have plenty of time to have an open schedule)

Bad news guys, last week,on the 27th, I sorta fried my computer or something so I have not been able too play any computer games:(-Cray

That's just my luck for ya lol...Do you recall anyone else's name (an active member) who could invite me to the guild so I'm at least there when your PC gets fixed? - Cade


-Due to Jacoby's inactivness, it has been decided that Forgives shall be put in temporary command to restore Delta Legion to its once great state. To contact Forgives about questions, comments, or concerns, e-mail him at

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