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Darth Widow,Lord of Power

Darth Widow was the most powerful sith lord in history and was the cousin of Cray Mero one of (if not the most powerful) jedi knight in history.


Darth Widow was born on Dromund Kass in 25 B.T.C.He was tortoured then ran away and then was found by Darth Komodo.Instead of taking him back to Kass City,he gave Widow secret training and and then Widow returned to Kass city to challange Darth Malgus.He fought valintly,but in the end he was defeted by Malgus.For the next few years he trained and then he became the most powerful sith lord in history.


Darth Widow had a powerful lightsaber with blood on the top half and has a blood red lightsaber.


Widow had both a flagship and his own personal ship called the Reavn's Fury.


Darth Widow had a appreantice named Darth Recluse.


Darth Widow had a War droid named LD-29 who could make other war droids.